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Getting Started

By Gatsby Starter Drupal Blog ● A Gatsby Starter Blog using Drupal as Headless CMS | April 17th, 2019

Getting Started

At weKnow we have been using Gatsby with Drupal for projects as our decouple strategy lately, and after building a few sites with Drupal and Gatsby we found some challenges, which we resolved writing custom code. But now we’ve decided to share and contribute our knowledge releasing the following projects.


  • Toast UI Editor (module)
  • Build Hooks (module)
  • Drupal Boina (distribution + installation profile)


  • gatsby-remark-drupal (plugin)
  • gatsby-remark-twitter (plugin)
  • gatsby-remark-codepen (plugin)
  • gatsby-remark-twitch (plugin)
  • gatsby-starter-drupal-boina (starter)
  • gatsby-theme-drupal-boina (theme)

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